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Quality Products at Amazing Prices…Case after Case

Assured Dental Laboratory provides high-quality dental lab services and products to dentists throughout the United States and Canada at amazing prices. This full-service dental laboratory specializes in crown & bridge, ceramic and full cast restorations, full and partial dentures, implants and appliances.

Assured only uses FDA-approved materials and with a remake percentage of less than 2.5%…well below industry standard, the dental practice is assured of an increase in profitable chair time and patient satisfaction.

As dental technology continues to advance, Assured Dental Lab stays in the forefront with CAD/CAM technology for their full contour zirconia restoration. This technology increases case-to-case consistency and quality of restorations and improves patients’ satisfaction.

The Preferred Restoration of Choice for Full Contour Zirconia

Our dentists prefer Ivoclar Vivadent/Weiland Zenostar; a high translucency, pre-shaded, 100% full-milled zirconia. Zenostar is a restorative solution that not only meets the high performance demands of challenging cases but the aesthetics your patients demand.

• Less than half the price of a gold crown
• Aesthetic alternative to gold restoration and PFM
• 1200 MPa flexural strength
• Excellent marginal fit
• Conventional or adhesive cementation
• Polished Zerconia results in exceptionally 
low wear to opposing dentition
• Indications: posterior crowns and bridges, 
implant restorations and ideal with limited occlusal clearance

“I am so pleased with the crown and bridgework you provide for me. The contours, margins and esthetics are great. I love that I no longer have to grind away the beautiful anatomy for occlusal adjustments like I used to have to do with other labs. We hardly have to do any adjustments at all.”
- Maureen Gierucki DDS, Harrison, MI

Assured Dental Lab’s CAP
Assured offers their dental customers an opportunity to partake in their Customer Appreciation Program (CAP). The program consists of not only continuing dental education, study models and technical knowledge but can include performance credits toward lab services. Contact us today to discuss how Assured Dental Lab can assist you in growing your bottom line.